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OperaClick, an anticallas forum

There is an italian opera forum (but it is something else, too), "OperaClick" ( its name, on which is not possible to write about Maria Callas without receiving insults and offense by little "personaggi", in "operatic" search of visibility...

Each forum generally have "moderators" behind, people who should moderate as "referee" to avoid the discussions degenerate into exchange of offense and so on. It is possible, nowadays, to feed the old and anachronistic disagreements between the opposit factions of "callasiani" and"tebaldiani" by attidudes openly "partisan"? I find it extremely pernicious if that "partisanery" is included in the moderation itself, autodestroying every appearence of credibility for the possible "moderator".
On that forum, one of the "referee", nicknamed "Radames", is insolently "tebaldiano" (nothing to oppose to Tebaldi fans, of course!), but he loves to work only against all can involve the name Callas. I find it ridiculous for a moderator of a forum dedicated to opera music, because he is not "equidistant", nor he tries to appear so...
One only review from him on OperaClick web site about Renata Tebaldi (of course!), nothing else.
In a word, he is clearly not "superpartes"!

It could be not censurable if he would avoid to attack the presumable"enemies" of his "diva" directly on the forum, jumping in the arena to support the "claque" that inevitably, and apparently with no reasons, offends and insults people who tries in same way to write of art and performances of Maria Callas.
It could be not censurable if he should be "superpartes" to referee every excess, under the duty of an "equidistance" (that he don't have!).
Anybody can believe such "tebaldiano", of that special "genre", can be ever a good "referee"? I am not sure of it, because he reduces his moderation role to an unrestrain game, always "on guard" to exalt every (and presumed) Callas' imperfections!

I have just had an unpleasant experience with him after few monts and very few posts to that forum.

On OperaClick forum, he, and other "moderators", have let pass several insults like "dement", "slob" e "hysteric", referred to admirers/ fans/ supporters of Mrs.Callas. The only fault for them, trying to discuss, politely, with no offense to anybody, of Callas and her art.
The "moderation" didn't work because the offenses against Callas fans, always pass, the clarifications from Callas fans against those offenses are always seen as stupid "widowhood" (sic!)!
After a very "fired" private messages exchange, culminated in other insults from the same "Radames" on my private e-mail, I was banned.
Further clarification: the offense and the insults from anticallas group had been passed into pubblic discussions, between the posts to forum themselves; my protests, probably caused the cancellation of the access to the forum, remained on the "private part", impossible to consult from everything.
It is very important to note how they are working and which democratic methods support their actions.

The conclusions should be that little men don't know what is the democratic debat, remembering some people start to consider themselves too much important only because are moderating a group or a forum. It is unbelieveable that nowadays the most Great of ever causes still animosity and grudge, contempt and hate. Absurd and totally discouraging when it happens in an opera fans environment.

Maria Callas died in the end in 1977, Tebaldi some times ago, and even is not possible, in any sense, to comparate the huge historical relevance in the opera interpretation of the first, marking a difference from which is not more possible to set aside, somebody, hidden behind the moderation of a forum, still tries to blow on fire of a (incredible and hypothetic) similar importance between the two. Well said: delivering a childish attempt to reduce Maria Callas absolutely to nothing!

I am here on this blog dedicated to Maria Callas to tell you and to the world the truth, if somebody wants to know more, contact me on (deleting "NOSPAM" to obtain the correct e-mail address).
I keep the right to pubblicate all entire private corrispondance with that strange "moderator", considering I was prevented to write on Maria Callas and her vocal/interpretative Genius.


Maria Callas su OperaClick?
Proibito esprimere giudizi che non siano strettamente in sintonia con la "direzione artistica".

Maria Callas on OperaClick? It is forbidden to write there about her, when the criticism is not tuned with that "artistic management".

Franco Soprano su Maria Callas (1977):

Maria Callas/Sonnambula Bellini: "Ah, non giunge..." 1955, Bernstein, Scala

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